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The Hidden Cost of Housing Instability 


August 3, 2015


We all know that the availability of affordable housing is at a crisis point here in San Francisco. Less well known is the pernicious effect housing instability has on people’s health and well being.

Not having a stable place to call home can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s mental and physical health. Stress, anxiety, even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can result. Those who lack stability in their housing also are significantly less likely to seek prompt medical care for health conditions, leading to a higher rate of hospitalization and greater need for acute care.


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Tenant Focus: Kathy Wolfe


August 3, 2015


Katherine “Kathy” Wolfe is more than a tenant at TNDC’s SOMA Apartments. A participant in leadership training provided through TNDC, Kathy serves as the President of the SOMA Residents Association.


Kathy lived for many years in SROs (single room occupancy) housing with her two (2) children. SROs are housing of last resort for individuals and families who might otherwise be homeless. SROs are challenging places to raise young children due to their noise and lack of privacy.


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Franciscan Towers Reopens in August 2015


August 3, 2015


We are proud to announce the re-opening of Franciscan Towers at the corner of Eddy and Taylor. Originally acquired by TNDC in 1987 as housing for individuals and families, Franciscan Towers has been under redevelopment for four (4) years since a fire forced the evacuation of 125 residents.


“The fire gave us an opportunity to remake the building in some fundamental ways,” stated Katie Lamont, Director of Housing Development. “Almost every internal system, from lighting to ventilation, has been rebuilt. Residents who move back in will find a brand new elevator and a community room.”


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Partner Focus: Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition


Jul 20, 2015


There is no full-service grocery store in the Tenderloin, something more affluent neighborhoods take for granted. Corner stores fill some of the gap, but until recently most focused almost exclusively on liquor, cigarettes, soft drinks, and snacks.


We are proud to partner with the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (TLHCSC) to change this.


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